Incendiary Celik: Insults against Mitsotakis and Dendia-Attack in Macron |


The representative of the ruling party in Turkey, Omer Celik, fired shots at Greece in a press conference, using harsh characterizations addressed to Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Nikos Dendias.

Omer Celik accused the Greek Prime Minister, saying that makes false and provocative statements while he argued that the only thing he does Kyriakos Mitsotakis is to meet with other leaders and to denounces Turkey.

Nikos Dendias was also targeted by Celik, stating that the Greek Foreign Minister’s only concern is to lie against Turkey.

The attitude of the representative of the ruling party in Turkey, regarding the demilitarization of the islands, was clearly threatening, as he stated “that despite the warnings, Greece continues to equip the islands and when the time comes there will be real consequences “.

Also, the annoyance of the Turkish side for the agreements that Athens has concluded with France and the USA seems to be special once again: “It lays the groundwork for any country,” said Celik. “It is the country that stabs the inflatables of refugees and leads them to death,” he added.

Finally, France did not escape Turkey’s provocative rhetoric: “Mr Macron called for the withdrawal of Turkish and Russian forces from Libya,” Celik said, calling the statement scandalous. “The Greek-Cypriot invitation to the conference on Libya was wrong,” he added.

Athens’ answer
A diplomatic source said that Celik’s statements were indicative of the frustration that prevails in Turkey, while he clarified that Athens is not going to enter into such a dialogue at the moment.


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