Russia: Gazprom increases exports to most European countries compared to last year |


Russian gas company Gazprom increased its total production and exports to all its key customers between January 1 and November 15, 2021, including many European countries, including Greece, according to a company statement today. was made public.

According to preliminary data for the period, Gazprom increased gas exports compared to the same period last year to Romania (by 247.1%), Turkey (by 98.1%), Serbia (by 92, 9%), Slovenia (by 53.3%), Bulgaria (by 48.2%), Germany (by 19.6%), Italy (by 18.3%), Greece (by 13, 7%), Finland (by 10.8%) and Poland (by 7.3%).

Gazprom’s total production has so far reached 445 billion cubic meters of gas, which is 15.2% (58.8 billion cubic meters) more than last year, while the supply of gas transmission network in the Russian market was increased. by 16.5% (ie by 29.6 billion cubic meters) and exports to foreign countries increased to 164.8 billion cubic meters, ie by 8.3% (12.7 billion cubic meters) more from the same period of 2020.

Germany and Italy, the two largest consumers of Russian gas in Europe, have been added to the countries to which Gazprom has already exported more gas since 2020 (Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia). published on the company website.

Gas exports to China via the Siberian Power pipeline continue to rise, exceeding Gazprom’s daily contractual obligations by more than 30% on a daily basis since early November.

According to Gas Infrastructure Europe, on 13 November the occupancy rate of European underground gas storage tanks had risen to 74%, with the volume of active gas being 19.5 billion cubic meters less than last year, while it has 6.6% of the volume of gas that had been pumped into the tanks during the summer season has already been absorbed.

It is noteworthy that between 1-5 November, five consecutive daily records of natural gas absorption from European underground reservoirs were set for these dates during many years of observation. The maximum record was set on November 3 and was 345.2 million cubic meters. Ukraine’s underground gas reserves are 37% lower than last year (10.3 billion cubic meters), while Gazprom continues to supply gas to five European underground storage tanks, the statement said. company.


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