US: End to indoor mask use in Washington


The US capital, one of the areas with the strictest measures against Covid-19 in the US, will lift the obligation to use the mask indoors from next week, the mayor of Washington announced today.

“From Monday, November 22, Washington will lift its current obligation to use the mask indoors,” Democratic Mayor Muriel Bauser told a news conference.

Private companies, however, will be able to continue to impose the use of the mask and it will remain mandatory on public transport, in school interiors, nurseries, libraries, nursing homes as well as in some public buildings.

The US federal capital imposed the mandatory use of the mask on vaccinated and unvaccinated people in late July, in the face of rising Covid infections due to the Delta variant.

The lifting of the obligation to use the mask, a measure taken in anticipation of winter and before the holidays, which often lead to a resurgence of cases, contradicts the recommendations of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). ).

Although the number of infections seems to have stabilized, the CDC points out on its website that Washington remains an area where the circulation of the virus remains “significant”, with 572 infections in the last 7 days.


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