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Brazil: Ordering large quantities of Viagra for the army causes outrage and … plenty of sarcastic comments


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The Brazilian army was found in the heart of the war yesterday, Monday, after the revelation that 35,000 were ordered Viagra pills for its members, which sparked outrageous reactions, while giving and receiving sarcastic comments from users of social networking sites.

“Hospitals have no medicine, but (far-right Brazilian President Zaich) Bolsonaro and his clique are squandering public money to buy small blue pills,” said center-left MP Elias Vas, adding that he demanded immoral “order.

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The parliamentarian stressed that he consulted the government website for transparency, which allows citizens to retrieve public data on government spending whenever they wish.

He clarified that the documents he accessed do not mention the name of the Viagra formulation, but they confirm that, in fact, an expense was approved for the purchase of tens of thousands of “sildenafil pills”, that is, with the active ingredient of the world-famous pill. dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension.

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The Ministry of Defense assured in a statement sent to the French Agency that “Sildenafil supply” was intended to “treat patients with pulmonary hypertension”.

The ministry’s explanation did not prevent users of social networking sites from engaging in comments with strong sarcasm. Some referred to the “dita-dura”, an untranslated pun for the dictatorship of generals in Brazil (1964-1985) and the influence of Viagra. “With these pills, the military will be able to ****** democracy even harder,” the satirical website Sensacionalista added. While also humorous sketches were depicted depicting tanks with cannons … fallen.

Left-wing lawmaker Marcelo Freisou took the issue more seriously, stressing that the government of far-right President Bolsonaro had approved the spending while the head of state initially vetoed a bill “which provided for the distribution of free sanitary napkins to most.” The president eventually stepped down, signing the bill last month.

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