Argentina: Everyone should be vaccinated against COVID-19 when autumn comes |


All Argentines must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 when it comes to the southern hemisphere in the autumn of next year, Health Minister Carla Witsotti said on Wednesday.

As of Tuesday, “80% of people in Argentina had received at least one dose” of COVID-19 vaccine, while 60%, or about 27.5 million, had been ‘fully vaccinated,’ “Ms Vicotti said. with the public news agency TELAM.

“The completion of the vaccination schedule and the administration of booster doses is very important, because in the northern hemisphere we see the pandemic of the unvaccinated,” she said, referring mainly to the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic in Europe and the United States. .

“That’s why we have to prepare well for the autumn, the whole population has to be fully vaccinated and receive boosting doses,” said Carla Witsotti, adding that “the good news is that we have stocks.”

The autumn period in the southern hemisphere begins in mid-June 2022.

Since the new coronavirus pandemic broke out in Argentina in March 2020, the death toll has risen to 116,313 due to complications of COVID-19 out of a total of 5,310,334 SARS-CoV-2 infections.


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