Slovakia ready to reinforce Kyiv with more heavy weapons


President Zuzana Tsaputova said on Wednesday that Slovakia was ready to extradite to neighboring Ukraine. more heavy weapons, as long as its country’s defense remains secure.

According to President Tsaputova, negotiations are underway for the delivery of Slovak howitzer self-propelled guns to Ukraine.

“The position of the Slovak Republic is clear,” Tsaputova said. “From the beginning, in addition to humanitarian aid, we have also offered military assistance,” she said, adding that it was the largest aid her country had ever provided.

Slovakia has already ceded the missile S-300 anti-aircraft system in Ukraine, including weapons and equipment.

However, President Tsaputova stressed that a condition for further arms deliveries is not to undermine the readiness of the Slovak armed forces. For this reason, he said that talks are being held not only with representatives of Ukraine but also with NATO allies.

“We will move earth and sky for Ukraine”

Further reinforcement of Ukraine with heavy weapons decided on Tuesday 40 defense ministers at a crucial meeting held at Ramstein Air Base in Germany on the initiative of the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. From the Greek side, the meeting was attended by the Minister of Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos and the head of GEETHA, General Konstantinos Floros.

As the US Secretary of Defense promised “We will move earth and sky to help Ukraine”. “I want to leave today after this meeting with a clear and unequivocal position on understanding the short-term security requirements of Ukraine, because we will move earth and sky to meet them,” he said. “Ukraine needs our help to win today, and it will need our help when the war is over,” he said, adding that he did not rule out Ukraine’s future membership in the Alliance.

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