Tricks: Ukrainian actor saves cats in bombed city and is called a hero

Tricks: Ukrainian actor saves cats in bombed city and is called a hero

“Almost every day we still rescue animals. And every day there are not a few, abandoned, lost, without a home, without food, without the warmth and affection they used to receive,” wrote Alexei Surovtsev on his Instagram last week.

The Ukrainian actor, who was once a striptease champion and also participated in the local version of the program Dancing with the Stars (here called Dancing Brasil), remained in the city of Irpin even after the Russian bombings and began to rescue cats lost in the rubble. .

With the start of the Ukrainian war on February 24, many people had to flee the country and not all of them were able to take their pets with their families.

It is about these animals that Surovtsev refers in his post. In some cases, he manages to return the cats to the owners who still live there. In others, he directs the cats to shelters and protective NGOs that work in the region.

Because of his work with animals, the actor began to be called a hero on social media.

In addition to cats, he also saves stray dogs around town.

Before the war, Surovtsev already had at least two cats that appear with him and his wife, Hanna Skvortsova, in photos on Instagram.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine also caused a famous kitten to flee the country. Stepan, who lived with his tutor, Anna, in Kharkiv, found shelter in France.

Famous on social media for posing with his little arm leaning on a table, next to a drink, the feline competes for the WIBA (World Influencers and Bloggers Awards), a global award for the main opinion leaders and bloggers from around the world.

The awards ceremony will take place on May 18 in Cannes, in the south of France, at the traditional Hotel Martinez.

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