Ukraine: Russia discusses opening ports in exchange for lifting sanctions


Moscow set a condition today for a review of sanctions imposed on Russia to take into account the UN call for access to access. in the Ukrainian ports of the Black Seaso that grains can be exported, the Russian news agency Interfax reported.

Ukraine, one of the largest producers of grain in the world, exported most of its products through its ports, but after the Russian invasion, it was forced to export by train or through its small ports on the Danube River.

The head of the United Nations World Food Program, David Beasley, appeals to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesdaysaying: “If you have any heart, please open these ports”.

“Russia must allow the safe and secure export of grain stored in Ukrainian ports,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said during a US ministerial meeting in New York yesterday.

The World Food Program feeds about 125 million people and buys 50% of its grain from Ukraine.

Interfax “We must not only appeal to the Russian Federation, but also to look deeply into all the causes of the current food crisis and, of Russia from the US and the EU interfering in the smooth free trade, which includes foods such as wheat, fertilizers and more.

Russia’s decision to send troops to Ukraine almost three months ago prevented Ukraine from using its main ports in the Black Sea and Azov Seas and cut its grain exports this month by more than half compared to a year ago. before.

Russia and Ukraine together they account for almost a third of the world’s wheat supplies. Ukraine is also a major exporter of maize, barley, sunflower oil and rapeseed oil, while Russia and Belarus, Moscow’s allies in its sanctioned invasion of Ukraine, account for more than 40% of world agricultural exports. ποτάσα.

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