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DOT .: Stavros Svigos and Lydia Fotopoulou are invited-Watch the trailer


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This weekend at DOT., The Stavros Svigos and the Lydia Fotopoulou They sit on the couch of the show and tell interesting stories to Nadia and Minos.

Yet, Alexandra Aidini, Antinoos Albanisbackstage stories from Survivor, cooking, tips, tips and everything that makes our daily life a little better.

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The Saturday 21 MayThe Stavros Svigos talks about his divorce, the wonderful relationship he has with his son and the strong “slap” he ate with the health issue that the little one faced when he was born. Finally he explains why you will never, even in the biggest setbacks, hear him say “why me?”.

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Survivor: What does Sofiana Avramaki for the love story Martika – Vrisiida; She and other stories we have never seen, from herself and her former rival, Tzo Maridaki.

THE Alexandra Diona or “A Shiny Day”, makes the handbag that we will all want for the beach this summer.
Eco: Tips and tips to save energy and money when we light our house.
Finally, Maggie Tabakaki prepares a shocking kayana in a sandwich.

The Sunday 22 Maythe Lydia Fotopouloua legend of modern theater talks about her life that has it all: from the tragic losses and shocking newspaper covers of the ’80s, to great and happy moments and the recognition that comes when we do not take ourselves very seriously.
Actress Alexandra Aidini is coming to play in “Kouloura tou Minou”.

Antinoos Albanis describes the life relationship he has with his dog, Blue.
Chapter “Perfection”: Rania Thraskia deconstructs the biggest trap of social media.
Eco: Which devices continue to consume energy even when we are not operating them?
Finally, we fly to Thessaloniki for food and cocktails in the most beautiful spot of the city, while Maggie Tabakaki prepares a shocking pasta salad.

#dot Because on weekends they want company!

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