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Panel SA: With Congonhas auction scheduled, debate advances to charge aircraft pollution tax


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After the creation of the pollution tax for planes that pass through Guarulhos airport, the executive secretary of Climate Change of the São Paulo City Hall, Antonio Fernando Pinheiro Pedro, says that a discussion group was set up with mayors, secretaries and technicians of other municipalities in the state to study the expansion of charging to other terminals.

The meeting took place this week, after Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency) scheduled the concession auction for the 7th round of airports, which includes the Congonhas terminal. For Pinheiro Pedro, it is still necessary to study issues such as the competence to collect and carry out tax analyses, but the subject needs to gain national coverage.

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He states that there is concern in the municipalities with gas emissions and with the local environmental impact caused by airport terminals, especially in Congonhas, in the capital of São Paulo, where there are already traffic jams in the surrounding streets.

“It’s not just deciding on privatization and that’s it. There are investments, and they need to consider environmental compensation”, says the secretary.

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He claims that the debate is a path of no return. “We will need to face this discussion. We already have a fleet of helicopters of this size in São Paulo and, in the future, we will have another layer with the perspective of drones and aerial vehicles”, he says.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Gilmara Santos

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