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GSEE: How is August 15th paid?


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August 15 is a mandatory holiday.

Clarifications on the way remuneration of 15 August is given by the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE).

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As it says, the 15th of August belongs to the mandatory holidaysduring which the employment of employees is prohibited, as well as the operation of businesses, except for those that legally operate on Sundays and on mandatory holidays.

This year, August 15th falls on a Monday, so the following apply:

  • For employees who will not be employed on August 15: a) daily wage earners who will not be employed for reasons not due to them, will receive their daily wage usually paid for that particular day, b) those on a monthly wage, are not entitled to any other remuneration, apart from their paid wage.
  • For employees who will be employed on August 15: a) daily wage earners will receive their usual daily wage and a 75% increase, which will be calculated on their legal hourly wage, for as many hours as they are employed. b) those on a monthly salary will receive as many hourly wages as the hours they work and a 75% increase to their legal hourly wage.

In addition, employees should be aware that:

– If the employment of both daily wages and monthly wages, on August 15th, is more than 40 hours, it is due, in addition to the surcharge, additional pay due to overtime, etc.

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– Employees who are on leave are also entitled to the daily wage of August 15th, without, however, counting this day among the working days of their leave. Those who are paid a monthly salary will not get an additional day’s pay for the holiday, but even in this case the day of the holiday will not be counted in the working days of their leave.

– Employees who abstain from work for their own reasons are not entitled to the daily wage, if the business operates legally on Sundays and holidays.


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