BC launches commemorative coins for the 200th anniversary of Brazil’s Independence; see images


The BC (Central Bank) launched this Tuesday (26) two coins in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Brazil, celebrated on September 7. One is silver and the other is cupronickel.

The silver coin has a face value of R$5 and is being sold at R$420. The initial print run is 5,000 units, but can reach 20,000.

It brings the image of Emperor Dom Pedro I, inspired by the lithograph by Sebastien Sisson, and a representation of the painting Session of the Council of State, by Georgina de Albuquerque. The item, 40 mm in diameter, comes with a box and a small insert with information.

“THE [moeda] of silver presents the session of the Council of State, presided over by Princess D. Leopoldina and with the participation of José Bonifácio, in which the decision was taken to send letters to D. Pedro advising him to break with the Portuguese Crown”, said the BC

The cupronickel coin has a green and yellow stripe, in reference to the Brazilian flag, and is the first Brazilian coin with colors. It is inspired by the painting Independência ou Morte, by Pedro Américo, from 1888, one of the most famous of this period.

The cupronickel coin is 30 mm in diameter and costs R$2, sold at R$34. From 10,000 to 40,000 units will be produced. It will be delivered fixed to a card with the image of the painting and, on the back, its characteristics.

“THE [moeda] of cupronickel shows the Grito da Independência, in which D. Pedro, upon receiving the letters from the princess and the minister José Bonifácio, proclaims the Independence of Brazil, on the banks of the Ipiranga River”, informed the Central Bank.

“The reverse side of the cupronickel coin brings a novelty: for the first time in a Brazilian coin, the color resource will be used. In this case, the green and yellow colors, chosen by D. Pedro I shortly after Independence, appear in a band in motion. These colors come from the houses of Bragança and Habsburg and were used on the Brazilian Flag since the First Empire, becoming a national symbol.”

The two coins bear on the reverse the first stanza of the Independence Hymn: “Already you can, children of the Fatherland, / To see the gentle mother happy; / Freedom has already dawned / On the horizon of Brazil”.

The sale, which started this Tuesday, will be made exclusively through the Clube da Medalha da Casa da Moeda do Brasil website. The website is www.clubedamedalha.com.br/catalogo-de-produtos.

“The Grito do Ipiranga, as the act of Dom Pedro I, which marked the date of September 7, 1822, became known, consolidated the will of Brazilians to constitute an independent, free and sovereign nation. The two coins we launched today portray that moment history, which was faced with courage and ended with the independence of our country”, said BC President Roberto Campos Neto.

“The coins we launched today tell us decisive moments in the history of our country and mark the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Brazil, with the cupronickel coin being the first Brazilian coin to use colors”, stated the Director of Administration of the Central Bank, Carolina Barros.

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