Giovanna Ewbank is prevented from traveling with children at the airport


Giovanna Ewbank, 35, used the nets to tell about the suffocation she had at the airport this Tuesday (26). Bruno Gagliasso’s wife tried to travel with her children, Titi, Bless and Zyan, and was barred. She ended up being prevented from boarding to Lisbon, Portugal, on account of her youngest’s documentation.

“If I tell you about my role. We were going as a family to travel to Portugal. We woke up at 8 am, went to the airport. We arrived in São Paulo and couldn’t board”, began the actress and presenter.

“I have Títi and Bless’s Portuguese and Brazilian passports. And only Zyan’s Portuguese. Now we are waiting for authorization from Bruno, who is in Spain, for the baby to travel with me. We have seven people”, continued Giovanna, who he also regretted the episode of bags taken from the aircraft.

All bags were removed from the plane. It’s crying. I’m thinking I’ll do a vlog of this trip for the channel. It’s being a real drama and comedy at the same time. Laugh not to cry”, concluded Giovanna.

Recently, the presenter denied rumors that she would have argued with Fernanda Gentil because of the construction noise at the presenter’s house. Gentil previously lived in the house across from Ewbank’s and has now moved to the neighboring lot.

“Guys, let me explain a thing. Fê Gentil is part of my furniture, just as we are part of Fê Gentil’s furniture”, he says. “We are even designing a zip line from her house to mine, for the children. Soon it will be ready”, he commented, putting an end to the rumors of a confusion because of the noise of construction.

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