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Opinion – Eduardo Sodré: Folha-Mauá Ranking confirms the efficiency of electrified cars


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The Porsche Taycan became the fastest car among the approximately 1,800 vehicles evaluated in 26 years of tests carried out by Folha in partnership with Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia. In fuel economy, the Honda Accord achieved one of the best consumption averages ever recorded with gasoline.

In common, there is electricity. While the first is 100% electric, the second uses a hybrid system.

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Among the gasoline or flex-fuel utilities, the help coming from the batteries took the Toyota Corolla Cross to the first place in consumption in the Ranking Folha-Mauá 2022.

“In terms of energy efficiency, the electric vehicle is the best option when compared to conventional technologies”, says Everton Lopes, director of technological trends at AEA (Brazilian Association of Automotive Engineering).

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The specialist, however, emphasizes that the emission of greenhouse gases from each technology must always be observed, which is also related to the way in which energy is generated. “Global warming mitigation issues are key drivers of transformation in the global mobility industry.”

At the request of General Motors, the AEA carried out a study and concluded that, in Brazil, a 100% electric car is 10 times more efficient than a gasoline-powered model.

The research took into account the country’s energy matrix. In a statement, GM says that 84% of electricity comes from renewable sources, such as hydro, solar and wind.

The advantages, however, come up against prices and the still precarious infrastructure, with a recharge network concentrated in capitals in the South and Southeast regions.

“Stop manufacturing or using fuels such as gasoline, diesel and ethanol to bet on electric cars, for example, is not something simple to do, nor is it cheap,” says Flávio Vasques, director of the consulting firm VC One Soluções Conectadas.

“It is verified that the public that is buying electrified vehicles is formed by fleet owners or by customers of the premium segment, with monthly income above 40 minimum wages.”

Lopes, from AEA, recalls that, despite the greater efficiency of 100% electric vehicles and the advancement of this technology in European markets, Brazil will follow its own path, with the use of ethanol in hybrid cars.

“For Brazil, whatever the path, the tendency is to use the combination with biofuels, what we call bioelectrification.”

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