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Disney overtakes Netflix, US inflation surprises and what matters in the market


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Disney takes leadership away from Netflix

Disney’s streaming pool (Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+) surpassed Netflix in subscriber numbers for the first time in history. The company also announced that it will launch an ad plan by the end of the year.

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The result was disclosed in the company’s balance sheet for the second quarter, which had a profit and revenue above expectations, driven by more visitors to its parks.

In numbers: Disney ended the month of June with 221.1 million subscriber base (152.1 million on Disney+ alone), while Netflix saw its subscriber base decline in the quarter to 220.7 million.

  • The company founded by Walt Disney also lowered its projections for total subscribers by the end of September 2024 by 15 million.
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News: Faced with a brake on the number of new customers that affects the entire sector, mainly in the USA, the company announced a plan to reduce its losses in the segment:

  • The current subscription price in the US, from $7.99will continue at this level for the ad-supported plan, which will be launched in December, the month in which the ad-free version will cost $3 more.

What explains: the main streaming companies have adhered to versions with ads to either avoid the loss of subscribers (Netflix) or reduce their losses (Disney).

HBOanother force in the industry, has even more radical ideas: in addition to a severe cost cut, the company should soon announce the end of its two streamings (HBO Max and Discovery+) to create a new one.

  • It would have a completely free version filled with advertisements, along the lines of YouTube, in addition to the current models: one paid and with few ads and the other more expensive without any interruption.

US inflation lifts markets

US consumer inflation stagnated in July and surprised analysts, who had forecast a rise of 0.2% for the month. In 12 months, the rate was 8.5%down from 9.1% in June.

The result encouraged the markets, which had a day of gains around the world.

What explains: as in Brazil, the drop in fuel prices in the US helped the index to lose strength, but the rise in food prices is a cause for concern.

why it matters: the relief in inflation led some analysts to predict a lower interest rate hike in the US at the next Fed meeting – something that also depends on a brake on the labor market.

  • The forecast of lower interest rates weakens the dollar and increases risk appetite around the world, benefiting the stock markets.

In Brazil, the Ibovespa rose 1.46% this Wednesday, at 110,235 points, and the dollar fell 0.79%, the BRL 5.08but reached R$ 5.03 during the day.

After the end of the trading session, BB (Banco do Brasil) reported adjusted net income of R$ 7.8 billion in the second quarter of 2022, up 54.8% over the same period in 2021 and 18% over the three previous months. The bank also raised its earnings forecast for 2022.

Inflation in Brazil:

  • Even with the loss of rhythm, the IPCA should continue under pressure and reach close to 8% in the accumulated until September, on the eve of the elections, evaluate economists.

Musk sells $7 billion in Tesla shares

Elon Musk sold more Tesla shares. This time it was about $7 billion (R$35.8 billion), according to a document that large shareholders are required to disclose.

In April, he had already disposed of US$ 8.5 billion in company shares.

What explains: on Twitter, the billionaire stated that the operation was made to avoid an emergency sale of the automaker’s shares in the future, in a scenario that he is forced by the courts to buy the network and some partners in the business do not comply with what was agreed.

  • Musk also promised to buy back the shares he sold in case the deal involving the social network turns to dust. The company’s shares have accumulated a 27% drop in the year.

Remember: at the time that he still claimed to want to buy Twitter, Musk had lined up a cash tranche, a little help from $7 billion from friends and another $13 billion from banks to finance the operation.

blame the banksby the way, is one of the billionaire’s strategies that will be used in the courts to avoid being forced to buy Twitter.

TikTok threatens Google

Accessing Google, more specifically Google Maps, is usually the first option for those looking for a place to have dinner or some other type of service. This is not the case for Generation Z (born after 2000).

Who says this is the senior vice president of Google himself. At a conference in the US, he stated that nearly 40% of young people, when looking for a place to have lunch, go to TikTok or Instagram first, according to TechCrunch.

What explains: Young people spend more time on TikTok and prefer the content format of the Chinese app, with short videos – a model that inspired Instagram’s “Reels”.

  • The video evaluation has to do with a question of neurocompatibility, that is, this generation consumes and produces this content, he tells Sheet Rejane Toigo, social media and founder of Like Marketing.

And Google? The company also has its short video tool, YouTube Shorts, which has yet to take off.

  • The company says it launched Google Feed at the end of July, “a place where you can stay informed about your interests in a personalized, practical and easy way”.
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