Hatzidakis to SKAI: Debt statute of limitations in 10 years – For whom it will apply


The minister also referred to pending pensions, the increase in the minimum wage and the issue of surveillance.

The debt statutes of limitations in the tax office they go down from 20 years to 10 years, as the Minister of Labor pointed out Kostis Hatzidakis on SKAI.

He clarified, however, that we are talking about statute of limitations for debts that have not been sought within 10 years by EFKA. Those that have been searched are not statute-barred.

If debts that have been sought were also written off, there is a moral risk that no one will pay and the insurance system would collapse, he explained.

Mr. Hatzidakis also mentioned that the ministry’s bill includes the harmonization of AADE’s debts with EFKA’s debts.

Pending pensions

About what pending pensionsthe minister said that after the 15th of August we will have the official data and estimated that we will also have finished with the outstandings of 2019.

He also noted that for 2020 there is only 2.5% pending and for 2022 75% have already received a pension. The problem, however, remains in the public sector where there is delay.

Mr. Hatzidakis also said that it is a matter of months to pay them adjuncts pensions.

Minimum wage increase

The minister interviewed for the another increase in the minimum wage in 2023 he said it was likely to occur on May Day.

As he explained, the determination will be made in January, then there will be a period of consultation and finally the amount of the increase will be proposed by the government.


Finally, Mr. Hatzidakis commented on the issue of monitoring. He stressed that this whole story was a mistake, overshadowing the government’s work.

“This mistake was punished. We are open to take other initiatives and we are waiting for proposals”, he said.

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