“Brazil is full of opportunities,” said David Velez, co-founder of Nubank

“Brazil is full of opportunities,” said David Velez, co-founder of Nubank

After having marked a 20% appreciation in the opening session the day before, the Nubank BDRs traded on the Brazilian Stock Exchange operated at a strong high this Friday morning (10).

Around noon, the papers had gains of 5.3%, quoted at R$ 10.58. BDRs are certificates that correspond to shares originally traded on the New York Stock Exchange (Nyse), in the United States.

On the American stock exchange, after rising close to 15% in the last session, the shares advanced around 2%, quoted at US$ 10.52 (R$ 58.44).

“Brazil is full of opportunities,” said David Vélez, co-founder of Nubank, during a bell ringing ceremony to commemorate the listing of fintech’s shares on B3. “We are going to believe in Brazil and Latin America. All complexity is opportunity.”

According to him, the IPO is a moment of great pride for any entrepreneur, and it serves to reflect on the trajectory of the business so far.

Vélez said that the double listing of Nubank shares, on the Brazilian and American stock exchanges, adequately reflects the culture of respect for the customer preached by fintech.

“Many companies have a culture and values, but the values ​​are on the wall and they go there and do something completely different. We don’t,” said the executive.

Vélez also stated that the ambition to challenge the status quo established for years in the financial market remains one of the great guides for the business. “The pain of not having tried is much greater than the pain of having tried and going broke,” he said.

Co-founder of Nubank, Cristina Junqueira stated that capitalization through IPO allows for an even greater scale of the impact generated to around 48 million customers.

“We here in Brazil have so many problems, we wake up in the morning until bedtime and stumble across a problem all day. Each of these problems is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to do something different, and you can do it differently. we’re here today, it’s proof that we don’t need to put up with, conform,” stated Cristina.

“In Brazil and in the world there are still problems to solve, and we know how to solve problems,” said Edward Wible, co-founder of Nubank.

Approximately 815,000 people invested in digital bank BDRs in Brazil, making the offer the largest number of retail investors in the local market.

In addition, about 7.5 million people accepted a BDR free of charge through the NuSocios program. The BDRs are certificates representing a fraction of 1/6 of a share of Nu Holdings, the leading company of the Nubank group traded on the NYSE.

“The arrival of these investors [trazidos pela oferta do Nubank] it’s very important, because an effective exchange only works with a broad ecosystem, with multiple customer segments being able to operate within that market,” said Gilson Finkelsztain, president of B3.

“Thus, companies can raise funds, expand business and strengthen the economy, which is what we need to help Brazil grow and generate jobs,” he added.

Finkelsztain highlighted that the digital bank’s offer closes with a “golden key” the year 2021 for the Stock Exchange, in which 45 companies went public (IPO), and another 26 carried out follow-ons, (subsequent share offerings ), moving around R$ 130 billion.


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