Moraes determines that police clear roads closed by bolsonaristas in DF


Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes ordered the Federal Police, the PRF (Federal Highway Police) and the Military Police in the Federal District to clear roads blocked by Bolsonar protesters in anti-democratic protests.

The decision was taken this Wednesday (9) and released this Thursday (10), in the face of news that 115 trucks would be moving to Brasília to reinforce the acts. Blockades on federal highways in the rest of the country have already been released, according to the PRF.

According to the text signed by Moraes, the measures for the unblocking must be applied by the police immediately, within the scope of their attributions and at the discretion of the responsible authorities.

The minister points out that the decision applies to public roads that, “illicitly, have their traffic interrupted”, with the protection of order in the surroundings.

It also emphasizes the safety of pedestrians, drivers and passengers, in addition to “the participants in the illegal movement themselves who may be positioned in inappropriate places on public roads in the Federal District and in the vicinity of public buildings”.

He adds that police officers must prevent the occupation of shoulders, the obstruction or imposition of difficulty in accessing roads and public buildings.

Also according to the decision, if police officers identify those responsible for the trucks used in the blockades, they must immediately send this information to Justice so that a fine of R$ 100,000 can be applied.

“The Director General of the Federal Police and the Federal Highway Police, the Governor and the Attorney General of the Federal District, as well as the Commander of the Military Police of the Federal District”, he says.

Such as Sheet published this Wednesday (9), businessmen from different states have financed the sending of trucks to bolster the anti-democratic protest in front of the army headquarters in Brasília, where supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) ask for the intervention of the Armed Forces against the result of the elections.

More than 70 trucks with the Brazilian flag arrived in the federal capital between Sunday (6) and Monday (7). Drivers told the report that 23 of them left Água Boa, in Mato Grosso, together, in an action organized by businessmen from the municipality.

This Tuesday, attorneys general of the Public Prosecutor’s Offices of São Paulo, Santa Catarina and Espírito Santo informed Minister Alexandre de Moraes that the ongoing anti-democratic acts are led and organized by businessmen.

According to them, the members are part of “a large criminal organization with predefined functions” and interstate operations. One of the objectives of the Public Ministry is to map the financial flow that is supporting the roadblocks and highways.

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