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Opinion – Maria Inês Dolci: From voting to Pix, digital services conquer Brazilians


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The success of Pix –which completes two years, with 138 million registered users—, the electronic voting machine, the applications, SUS, voter registration, FGTS, driver’s license, IPVA, Poupatempo, public and private banks, among others others demonstrate that consumers have a strong bond with digital life. The obligatory path for suppliers of products and services is to reduce bureaucracy in online sales, with standardization of clothing and footwear sizes, fast deliveries and better prices.

We got used to making a Pix even to pay for coconut water and corn on the beach, buy gifts and pay for domestic services. Who has not compared the time for counting votes in the election for the House, Senate and governors of the United States, with the recent election (Presidency, part of the Senate, Chamber, state governments and legislative assemblies) in Brazil? Around here, the results were released a few hours after the closing of the electronic polls. There, manual vote counting took about a week.

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Before, no one thought of leaving home without documents, money, checkbooks, credit and debit cards. Today, all you need is a smartphone with data access.

Telemedicine is also part of the recent achievements of Brazilians. The law authorizing the use of this remote medical care was sanctioned in April 2020. In May 2022, the CFM (Federal Council of Medicine) released a resolution that defined and regulated telemedicine in Brazil.

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In recent years, real estate and motor vehicles have also been sold over the Internet, which does not completely eliminate the need to visit the house or apartment in person, and to go to the dealership to see the car up close and take a test drive (drive the vehicle). .

More recently, there is a healthy competition for faster delivery between marketplaces (digital shopping centers). There is still some difficulty, as I have often emphasized, in the purchase of clothes and accessories, due to the lack of standardization. But we will certainly get there soon.

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