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It’s time to work in harmony and not waste the moment, says Ilan after PT wing election by default


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The economist Ilan Goldfajn attributed to the “consensus” around his name his historic election, this Sunday (20), for the post of president of the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank).

“The first thing I’m going to do is sit down with everyone and listen,” he told Sheet in his first post-election interview.

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“We cannot waste this historic moment to do work that makes us all proud in Brazil and Latin America.”

Although the Brazilian government participated in the creation of the institution, in 1959, Goldfajn will be the first president of the country to occupy the post, and with an expressive vote. He was elected with 80% of the vote and support from 26 countries, competing with four other nominees. In the final stretch, Argentina withdrew its candidate to support the Brazilian.

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He says he intends to manage regional cooperation. This means that it is willing to work together and in harmony with all countries in the region, including the elected government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

Former Finance Minister Guido Mantega even sent an email to US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen asking that the election be postponed for 45 to 60 days. Other members of the party, such as President Gleisi Hoffmann and former Chancellor Celso Amorim, supported the election.

But the IDB did not respond to the request and maintained the schedule with the candidacy presented by the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes. Ilan prefers not to comment on the matter.

“I don’t want to get into past issues,” he says. “What I can say is that my candidacy represents Brazil, and that there was no objection to it in Brazil, the election was a combination of the support of many people who manifested themselves in my favor, some even publicly, to give the testimony of that I am and have always been independent, and that my actions are technical.”

He reinforces the proposed union and highlights that there are affinities in his project with that of the PT. “It is a pleasure to move forward with my platform, which coincides very much with that of the elected government of Brazil”, he says. “It is a time for, as Brazilians, all of us, together —everyone, 100%—, to work in harmony with the IDB.”

Ilan defends the importance of focusing on fighting hunger, noting that “food insecurity is an urgent issue”.

He also stated that his management will be focused on preserving “the spirit of cooperation” in Latin America and the Caribbean and the region with the rest of the world and stated at different times that the bank needs to invest in projects capable of fostering growth with social inclusion, diversity and environmental preservation.

“Achieving equitable, sustainable and inclusive growth is critical. This is the only way to simultaneously achieve economic and social sustainability and address the challenges of migration,” said Ilan in his address to IDB governors.

The IDB is considered the largest and oldest multilateral financial organization in the world and finances economic, social and institutional development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. It has 48 member countries and headquarters in Washington (USA)

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