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Skrekas for natural gas: Ceiling at 275 euros, it is not a ceiling – We must react immediately


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The Minister of Energy, attending the Council of Energy Ministers, pointed out that a ceiling between “€150 and €200 is a realistic ceiling”.

“The introduction of a ceiling, a ceiling, at 275 euros, is not really a ceiling,” emphasized the Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostas Skrekas, upon his arrival at the Council of Energy Ministers in Brussels, and pointed out that a ceiling between “150 euros and 200 euros is a realistic ceiling.”

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Mr. Skrekas added that “the energy crisis is shocking. For households and businesses. That’s why we have to do something. We cannot stand by and do nothing. Soaring prices threaten European households and businesses. We waste valuable time without results. We need to protect European households and Europe’s credibility and that is what we will try to do in today’s Council.”

Asked what they should to have been proposed by the Commission, Mr. Skrekas noted that “a corrective mechanism must be more realistic, because even in August, in that period when we suffered from the skyrocketing natural gas prices, this corrective mechanism could not be implemented. Surely he must be different and reasonable.

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He must be the one to help us to lower gas prices. Because right now this is a big issue. The big issue Europe has is that we buy the most expensive natural gas in the world.”

“We have to react as soon as possible. We can’t keep wasting time” said Kostas Skrekas, adding that “the solidarity mechanism must go together and be connected to the corrective mechanism”.


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