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Pankritia Bank: Proceeds to increase deposit rates


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The new interest rates take effect from Monday 12/12/2022

Pancreatia Bank is proceeding with an increase in interest rates on deposits, following the new data created by the rise of Euribor in the European money market.

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The increase, as stated in today’s announcement, concerns the interest rates of both Term deposits and Savings Bank deposits, with the aim of enhancing the performance of medium-term savings for the low and medium levels of deposit customers.

Specifically, in Term deposits of one year, the interest rate is set at 1% for amounts from 50,000 Euros to 100,000 Euros, while correspondingly in Savings Bank deposits, the interest rate scales according to the amount, reaching up to 0.40% for amounts over 200,000 Euros .

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Pankritia Bank, following interest rate developments, proceeds directly and in a timely manner with the required policy adjustments in order to enhance the returns of its depositors, a practice that is a stable pillar of its operation.

The new interest rates take effect from Monday 12/12/2022.


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