Pankritia Bank: Proceeds to increase deposit rates


The new interest rates take effect from Monday 12/12/2022

Pancreatia Bank is proceeding with an increase in interest rates on deposits, following the new data created by the rise of Euribor in the European money market.

The increase, as stated in today’s announcement, concerns the interest rates of both Term deposits and Savings Bank deposits, with the aim of enhancing the performance of medium-term savings for the low and medium levels of deposit customers.

Specifically, in Term deposits of one year, the interest rate is set at 1% for amounts from 50,000 Euros to 100,000 Euros, while correspondingly in Savings Bank deposits, the interest rate scales according to the amount, reaching up to 0.40% for amounts over 200,000 Euros .

Pankritia Bank, following interest rate developments, proceeds directly and in a timely manner with the required policy adjustments in order to enhance the returns of its depositors, a practice that is a stable pillar of its operation.

The new interest rates take effect from Monday 12/12/2022.


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