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The minimum wage amendment was tabled


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In the multi-level governance bill, which is coming to the Plenary today

The minimum wage amendment has been tabled in the multi-level governance bill, which comes to the House today.

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The amendment provides for the acceleration of the consultation process – decision on the part of the government.

The regulation provides that the proposal of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs to the Council of Ministers for the determination of the minimum salary for employees and the minimum daily wage for artisans is submitted by March 10, 2023 at the latest.

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As it has been announced, the new increase in the minimum wage will take effect from April 1.

Although the relevant consultation with representatives of scientific bodies and also with the social partners (GSEE, SEV, GSEVEE etc.) will begin in the next few days to be completed on February 28, in the employers’ circles, which will submit their positions, there are already the first thoughts, without these having yet reached specific proposals for the amount of the increase.

See her here amendment

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