Brazil registers 11 occurrences against energy transmission since January 8, says Aneel

Brazil registers 11 occurrences against energy transmission since January 8, says Aneel

Brazil has recorded 11 incidents against energy transmission infrastructure since January 8, when a series of attacks began on electrical system installations in different states, according to a survey released this Tuesday (24) by the regulatory agency Aneel.

The Aneel bulletin points out that the 11 occurrences were registered in Rondônia (3), Paraná (4), São Paulo (3) and Mato Grosso (1), with the last case having been verified on Saturday, the 21st.

In total, four towers were knocked down (3 in Rondônia and 1 in Paraná) and 16 were damaged (6 in Paraná, 3 in São Paulo, 6 in Rondônia, 1 in Mato Grosso).

In the last survey released last Monday, Aneel spoke of seven suspected cases of vandalism in transmission towers, affecting assets of companies such as Eletrobras, Taesa, ISA Cteep and Evoltz.

Attacks on transmission facilities have been taking place since December of last year, especially in Rondônia, but escalated after January 8, coinciding with the coup acts that led to the invasion of the headquarters of the Three Powers in Brasília.

The Federal Public Ministry is investigating whether there is a connection between the attacks on transmission towers and anti-democratic acts in Brasilia.

In a note, Aneel highlighted that, despite the occurrences, the energy supply remained intact, with no record of interruption of energy transmission and without prejudice to consumers. He also highlighted that he determined a set of measures to reinforce the safety of the installations and preventive actions to identify breakdowns.

The regulator has interacted and maintained work schedules with the Federal Police, Federal Highway Police and the Brazilian Intelligence Agency to share and exchange information, which is also passed on to the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

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