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Lula defends increasing the scope of Social Security in a message to Congress


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President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) stated, in a message to the National Congress, that he will propose a Social Security model that reconciles increased coverage with the sustainable financing of the system. According to him, the inclusion of workers needs to be a priority in this matter.

Lula said that social security protection is everyone’s right, but that thousands of workers are currently excluded from the system. “A social security model will be proposed that reconciles increased coverage with sustainable financing. Social security protection will once again be everyone’s right,” she said.

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“Faced with the thousands of workers excluded today, economic development, job creation and social security inclusion will be central to the financial sustainability of the General Social Security System”, he said.

Since the election campaign, the PT has been signaling that it is planning a new labor legislation that offers more protection to forms of work that are currently seen by the party as little contemplated by the legal framework, such as service providers for applications.

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Lula returned to the theme in the message he sent to Congress when he said that he will propose a new labor legislation with social protection for all workers, in particular self-employed workers and app workers.

“The new government will propose, based on a broad debate and negotiation, a new labor legislation with extensive social protection for all forms of occupation, employment and work relationships, with special attention to the self-employed, to those who work on their own, to workers and domestic workers, to those in telework and home office and to workers mediated by apps and platforms”, states the document.

“The regressive milestones of the current labor legislation, aggravated by the last reform, will be reviewed and free access to the Labor Court will be restored”, he adds.

The president once again said that his government will adopt a new policy to increase the value of the minimum wage and that by April of this year a commission will be created to deal with the issue. In the sequence, without giving too many details, he also said that he will work on a “new union and labor protection system”.

“The proposals will be elaborated through a tripartite dialogue –government, trade union and business centrals– and submitted to appreciation and improvement by the representatives of the people in Congress. to investment”, states the text sent by Lula.

Lula’s text was taken to Congress by the Chief of Staff, Rui Costa, at the start of the legislative year, and contains the vision and priorities of the Presidency of the Republic on different topics.

In addition to the text read by the parliamentarian, the message is made up of a document of about 170 pages, where some proposals and priorities are detailed. It is stated that a new labor legislation will extend social protection to all forms of occupation.

Lula again promised to advance with the tax reform and with the implementation of a new fiscal rule. The president criticized the spending ceiling, which, he argues, had destructive effects on social policies and became “innocuous” as an instrument of fiscal control. He then added that a new fiscal regime will be built for the country.

Lula attended the ceremony in the first year of his inaugural term, in 2003. The keynote of his speeches, on the occasion, was the attack on previous governments for increasing the public debt and also the defense of fiscal austerity measures, which had been implemented by the your economic team.

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