Opinion – Marcos de Vasconcellos: Robot is more reliable than many financial influencers


Artificial intelligence can already teach you how to invest better than many “wise men” who are giving investment tips on YouTube, TikTok or Twitter.

I decided to interview the famous ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool that has gained fame in recent days, about what to do with my money. And the result is more reliable than the content of many self-proclaimed finance gurus.

Let’s go to the experiment. I asked for tips to get rich without working. He said “not recommend” trying this. Then he listed suggestions to increase my income. The first one? Save and invest.

So I ordered tips for finding the best investments. He told me that research was needed to understand the risks and potential returns involved; diversify my investments; know my risk profile; consider the costs of each product; and keep me updated.

I began to insist that he give me the way to the stones. What is the best stock to buy today in Brazil? How much is the Ibovespa going to this year? The robot refused to give a peremptory answer, as it should have been. And he didn’t tell me to “drag up” or pay for a course to learn how to earn easy money.

So I decided to test “certainties” shared by some financial influencers: are Via (formerly Via Varejo) shares worth R$30? “If you are considering investing in VIIA3 stock, it is important to carefully assess the company’s financial condition, consider industry trends and assess the economic outlook before making a decision,” he replied.

Should I invest my emergency reserve in real estate funds? “It’s not recommended,” she explained. The main justification for this is that, in a time of emergency, it can be difficult to get access to your money quickly, which can cause even more financial stress.

Is Lula’s election a reason to buy the dollar? “The election of a candidate or the outcome of an election can have a temporary impact on fluctuations in the prices of financial assets, including currency. However, in the long term, exchange rates are influenced by a number of economic factors, including the performance of the economy, monetary policies, public debt and inflation.”

In several answers to my questions about the financial market, the little robot insisted on highlighting the impossibility of predicting the future, the importance of diversifying the investment portfolio and considering various sources of information before making investment decisions. He also said it was advisable to seek financial advice from qualified professionals before making any major investment decisions.

When I asked for good books to learn more about investing, analysis houses that could give me recommendations and vehicles to keep me informed, ChatGPT listed good recommendations.

In summary, less certainties and more suggestions make the little robot a better option than the vast amount of influencer videos that the networks offer. But it’s up to you to want to ask questions, to learn, and to be wary of easy solutions.

Although the robot is a test model, subject to several failures, the broad knowledge base prevents it from falling into natural traps for investors, such as the biases that often inflate the ego and empty the account.

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