Government wants to transform the INSS card into a ‘single ticket’ for retirees


The Ministry of Social Security is preparing to create a card that should work as a single ticket for INSS (National Social Security Institute) retirees throughout the national territory. In addition, policyholders who are customers of Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil may enjoy a discount on purchases.

According to the Minister of Social Security, Carlos Lupi, negotiations for the new modality are advanced. The intention is that, by March, the “beneficiary card” may be available to at least part of the Social Security insured.

“It is a card that will have a QR Code, it will be available to the 37 million 557 thousand beneficiaries of Social Security so that, with this card, they can have access to all the benefits. Take the subway in Rio, you will be able to take it in São Paulo, take it in Ceará; take the bus the same way. Instead of having to obtain a local authorization at each location, this card will have national validity”, he said today in an interview.

The objective is for the card to give unlimited access to transport throughout the country to facilitate the mobility of INSS insured persons. Today, to be entitled to free public transport, citizens over 60 need to request the benefit from the municipalities and present the required documents.

The card is not ready immediately, but citizens can request access to free transport by presenting their RG. With the beneficiary card, the insured person will be entitled to the benefit when on vacation, for example, or spending time in some other location.

Discounts for public bank customers

The minister is also discussing with Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil a way to give a discount to policyholders who are customers of these banks through the beneficiary’s card. The model would function as an advantage club.

This modality, however, would reach about 14 million policyholders. “We are looking for new benefits for retirees. For example, BB account holders will have discounts, for example, in partner pharmacies, benefits in airline tickets, benefits in hotels. We want, with this, to give citizenship”, he said.

According to him, Caixa and Banco do Brasil are seeking partners for discounts. Afterwards, there will be a new phase, which should reach agreements through private banks, which will start to offer advantages and discounts to customers who are retired.

Worker per application is in the focus of Social Security, says Lupi

Lupi also stated that his portfolio plans to create a commission with the Ministries of Labor and Finance to discuss social security benefits for workers by application. According to him, there are already projects on the subject, and discussions should revolve around the mechanism that is faster to approve to include professionals in Social Security.

“The Ministry of Labor deals more with the immediate employee, who is currently in need of this type of work association to create legislation for protection. We are taking care of those who have accidents, who need to retire and who are considered disabled. We have , in this matter, a high number of accidents that end up, in a large majority, without having any type of guarantee from Social Security.”

Transport application companies commonly avoid treating workers as employees, so as not to create employment relationships that increase the cost of their operations, and use expressions such as “partners” to address professionals who work for their platforms.

The Minister of Social Security pointed out that social security coverage in these cases is also of interest to applications, which, according to him, have already discussed the topic with Fernando Haddad, Minister of Finance. Lupi also explained that the inclusion of sector professionals in Social Security would be a way to increase the portfolio’s collection.

“Our estimates are that there are more than 2 million workers in this area of ​​services. But, if you expand this to other types of application, you will have a much larger number. So this also means revenue for Social Security”, he said.

“Today, less than 10% have some kind of personal, autonomous or MEI contribution. So we want to expand this to be able to provide protection to these citizens too”, he concluded.

(with Reuters)

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