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Reviving old arrangements and rewarding consistent debtors announced today the Minister of Finance, Christos Staikourasin the specialization of the support measures announced yesterday by the prime minister.

In particular, he announced that for those who have lost debt arrangements in 72 or 120 installments or these became non-performing by February 1, 2023, the possibility of revival is given paying two monthly installments until July 31, 2023 the current one and an additional one that will amortize old obligations in order of seniority.

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Also, amounts that are in favor of collection amortize older installments in order of seniority.

The missed installments are carried forward with interest at the end of the arrangement.

Revival takes place with all relevant benefits (insurance awareness).

For all those taxpayers who are consistent in their obligations and/or had settled debt obligations on November 1, 2021 and continued to service them but created new debts, a new shape.

Debts that became due after November 1, 2021 and until February 1, 2023 can be settled either in 36 installments with the interest rate applicable in 12 installments or in 72 installments with the interest applicable in 24 installments.

Debts that are included in serviced permanent arrangements can also be included as long as they include new debts (as of November 1, 2021).