PPC has a ten-year horizon for significant investments both in Greece and in the Balkans, emphasized on Saturday Konstantinos Mavros, CEO of PPC on Renewable Energy Sources in the context of the Delphi Forum.

“We are very proud to put PPC on the world map” he added, while underlining that the market has matured enough as long as the projects are of the necessary size. He also noticed that significant investments must be made in the networks for the development of PPC towards the Balkans in order to create clusters with the aim of producing electricity.

When asked by the moderator of the discussion, Chrysas Liagou, journalist at Kathimerini, how two leading energy groups, RWE and PPC, joined forces to contribute to the acceleration of the Greek energy transition, the Kostas Papamantellos, president and CEO of RWE, reported that together with PPC they made the final investment decision for the construction of five photovoltaic projects. The five projects are expected to be fully operational by end of the first quarter of 2024.

Finally, O George Politis, managing director of Euroxx Securities SA, estimated that the renewables issue went through many stages, and that we are still subordinate to the installed power franchise. However, he emphasized that in order to attract international interest, we need to do big projects.