More than 61,000 unemployed people who completed training programs of their choice and were certified in digital and green skills have already received the training allowance of up to €1,000.

In total, from the beginning of April until today, 60,427,806 euros have been paid to 61,221 unemployed people.

The program for acquiring and upgrading the skills of the unemployed is implemented within the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “Greece 2.0”.

As the Public Employment Service (DYPA) states in its announcement, the project is financed through the European Union NextGenerationEU and specific actions are required, as well as administrative, on-site and sample checks, to ensure the repayment of trainees and training and certification providers.

Also, DYPA notes that individual delays are often due to training and certification providers not posting all the necessary documents. With the aim of protecting the beneficiaries from such practices, DYPA emphasizes that, recently, it activated a strict framework of penalties for those providers who are late.

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