A new wind is blowing in the Aegean concerning the China-Greece mass media cooperationhe emphasized in his greeting Chinese Ambassador Xiao Juncheng in his greeting at the event regarding the Hellenic Chinese Dialogue for the “China-Greece Belt & Road Dialogue” initiative, organized in Athens by the China Media Group.

Mentioned in the recent upgrade of Greece’s credit ratingto investment grade by two Chinese rating agencies in China, Xiao Juncheng said that this fact drive more Chinese investors to come to Greece, emphasizing fields of renewable energy, technology and tourism.

“In 2022, the production of energy from renewable sources in Greece exceeded 50% of the energy mix for the first time. The Greek government aims to increase this percentage to 80% by 2030. Chinese companies with their technological and economic advantages wish to contribute to this project. China will promote international cooperation in scientific and technological innovation. Our country wishes to cooperate with Greece to jointly establish research laboratories inter alia in the fields of agriculture, food safety and the use of laser technology for the protection of cultural property. Our country is about to create the Alliance of Silk Road Cities for Tourism and looks forward to the participation of Greece. China’s middle income class has reached 400 million people and is expected to exceed 800 million within the next 10 years, offering huge market potential. China will continue to jointly implement the “China-Greece Tourism Joint Action Plan” with Greece and attract more and more Chinese tourists to visit Greece.” he said characteristically. In addition, he stated that “if the two sides support the construction of an economic and commercial cooperation park in Piraeus, it will essentially boost the development of Greek manufacturing.”

The greeting of the Chinese ambassador to Greece began by pointing out that the Chinese civilization, with its long and rich history, and the ancient Greek civilization, with its enormous influence, had contacts through the ancient Silk Road 2,000 years ago. “Today, cooperation to jointly build the One Belt One Road Initiative once again closely links our two ancient civilizations. We are proud that the first decade of the Initiative brought Greece back to its strength. China did not remain a spectator in Greece’s struggle to overcome the debt crisis – instead it supported and contributed to this effort. Despite the great changes, unprecedented for our century, we maintain our optimism as our countries strengthen their mutual learning and exchanges and are fellow travelers and pioneers who illuminate the future with the wisdom of their ancient civilizations” Xiao Juncheng pointed out.

Furthermore, the ambassador referred to the announcement by Chinese President Xi Jinping, in the context of the 3rd Summit of the “One Belt, One Road” Forum for International Cooperation, on China’s support in eight actions for the high-quality construction of the Initiative, and appreciated that they will offer new opportunities for practical cooperation between the two countries.

In this context, he underlined China’s determination to vigorously promote the “Maritime Silk Road” and the integrated development of ports, shipping and trade.

“China will vigorously promote international cooperation in the green transition”

In addition, the Chinese ambassador said that during the visit of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to China, the China Central Radio and Television Station will also sign an agreement with the Greek Ministry of Culture. “Exchanges and mutual learning are a basic condition for the development of cultures, as well as an important foundation for building a universal community with a common future,” he added.

Finally, Xiao Juncheng pointed out that cooperation between the mass media and cultural institutions aims to record the heritage of the two cultures, preserve and promote their unchanging values, and explore ways to promote mutual learning between the cultures of China and Greece , being an innovative move to implement the Global Culture Initiative.