Radical changes in the taxation of freelancers are coming in the near future since “declaring whatever you want” is heading to… “the end of an era”.

In particular, the new bill that is expected to be announced provides for a minimum taxable income and a minimum tax which, with few exceptions, self-employed professionals will be required to pay.

Specifically, the minimum taxable income is calculated at 10,900 euros – equal to the minimum wage of 780 euros multiplied by 14.

If we apply the current tax rates, 9% and 22% for the first brackets, the minimum tax comes out to approximately 1,102 euros.

According to information, the above is expected to apply to this year’s incomes, which means that these taxes will have to be paid with next year’s statements.

In any case, a crucial parameter is, on the one hand, what will happen to the pretense fee, given that the government had said that it would gradually abolish it from 2025 to 2027, and on the other hand, whether there will be such arrangements that will ensure that they will not be “overcrowded” » under this new limit all freelancers.

Tomorrow the tax bill will be presented to the Council of Ministers by the Minister of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakis and the competent Deputy Minister Haris Theoharis.

Afterwards, they will hold a press conference, together with the Governor of AADE, Giorgos Pitsilis, on the 3rd floor of the Ministry, at 16.30.
There will be live streaming, via ERTnews.

Finally, according to the SKAI report, regarding the amount of the bonus for those who, through the Appodixi system, reveal fake receipts, this will range from 100 to 3.00 euros, depending on the amount of tax evasion revealed.