On Friday, December 1, 2023the fourth of the successive payments is made, amounting to 6,643,246.21 euros, which concerns the return of the unduly paid contributions of the auxiliary insurance and welfare branches for the years 2019 and 2020 to thousands of professionals.

Specifically, it concerns lawyers with a salaried mandate of the private sector and of the NPIDs and salaried engineers and health workers of the private and public sector with a private law employment relationship (IDAX & IDOX), debtors or not of the e-EFKA, who submitted an application through the respective online service until November 22, 2023.

The debtors of the e-EFKA are awarded the amount that results after offsetting their total debt (regulated or not) with the originally calculated amount to be refunded of the unduly paid contributions (article 104 par. 1 of Law 4387/2016-Government Gazette 85 A ‘, as applicable & article 1 of it with a. p.

In this fourth installment, the maximum refundable amount that will be credited in the bank accounts of 2,606 beneficiaries, amounts to 11,377.65 euros.

As stated in the relevant announcement, the competent services of the e-EFKA continue to process the applications of the other beneficiaries, as well as those submitted from November 23, 2023 onwards, in order for the corresponding amounts to be awarded to them through the same procedure in the next payment.

Finally, it is recalled that the operation of the “electronic insurance modification service for salaried lawyers, salaried engineers and health workers” and the associated “electronic service of refund of contributions to salaried lawyers, salaried engineers and health workers” has been extended, until September 30, 2024.