The Minister of National Economy and Finance, Kostis Hatzidakis, spoke of a great national success on the sidelines of the upgrade of the Greek economy by Fitch to BBB-.

He emphasized that it formalizes the promotion of our country in the investment category from the point of view of credit rating.

The statement in detail

The upgrade of the Greek economy by Fitch formalizes Greece’s promotion to the investment category from the point of view of credit rating. It is a great national success!
Fitch is the third rating agency – out of four recognized by the ECB – to award investment grade status to our country in recent months. A fact that certifies the progress of the Greek economy and the even more positive perspectives that are opening up with the implementation of our policy. At the same time, it creates the conditions for further strengthening of investment inflow, better financing conditions for the economy, growth and increase in employment.
I underline the house’s remarks about the record reduction of debt by 65 percentage points of GDP, from 205% during the pandemic period to 160.8% this year and 141.2% of GDP in 2027. Also, the remarks about fiscal responsibility policy which, among other things, ensures the necessary resources for permanent and extraordinary social policy measures. Forecasts for strong growth and political stability in the coming years. Progress in the banking sector.
Today’s upgrade is an important step that takes our country even higher, with the continuation of the combination of fiscal seriousness with social sensitivity