Environmental fee 1,000 euros for polluting cars – Which vehicles it concerns


The obligation to pay an environmental fee for old polluted used vehicles is provided by an amendment of the Ministry of Environment that was included in the discussed bill of the Ministry of Finance entitled “Urgent tax, customs and related regulations, urgent provisions to ensure the right to justice”.

The amendment extends the obligation to pay an environmental fee of 1,000 euros, in addition to the registration fee, for private cars and trucks with a gross weight of up to 3.5 tonnes, provided that they are subject to the built-in European emission standards Euro-5b.

As noted by the competent minister, Costas Skrekas“We do not want citizens to buy used cars of old technology that pollute the environment, when in fact it is likely that in a few years a relevant environmental tax will be imposed, on a permanent basis, by the EU.”

At the same time, as mentioned by the Minister of Environment, there are three groups that are currently interested in LARCO. “The first phase of expression of interest is over, and now we are in the final phase of submitting binding offers. At the moment we have three shapes “.

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