Panel SA: Sale of chloroquine and ivermectin rises after omicron explosion


When the omicron began to advance at the end of last year, the demand for drugs from the so-called Covid kit kept pace.

The number of chloroquine units sold in pharmacies rose from a level of 96,000 in November to more than 103,000 in December, according to consultancy Iqvia, which monitors retail pharmaceuticals.

Ivermectin, a vermifuge for scabies and lice, jumped from 1.1 million boxes to 1.5 million on the same basis of comparison.

Sales of the drugs, which have no proven effectiveness against the disease, but were recommended by Bolsonaro during the pandemic, had been on a downward trajectory since the end of the first half of 2021.

The peak of sales of the two medicines took place in March last year, when the country recorded more than 3,000 daily deaths from Covid. That month, nearly 470,000 units of chloroquine and 15.6 million of ivermectin were sold, says Iqvia.

Joana Cunha with andressa Motter and Ana Paula Branco

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