By Chrysostomos Tsoufis

The 400 meters in athletics is considered by far the most difficult sport. It is the only distance where the athlete must combine speed and endurance, strategy and a good start.

The best quads can run the first 250-275 meters at top speed, which means that the last 125-150 meters, when the lactic acid “weighs” the legs, is all guts and discipline.

It is not an exaggeration for someone to argue that if we were to compare 400ari with the process of connecting cash registers and POSwe are right in those last 125-150m testing the system as the deadline is just 8 days away on February 29th.

THE Kostis Hatzidakis he saw that he cannot leave things to their own devices and decided to intervene to keep the process on track. From a fruit shop in Marousi, which he visited to literally see the connection process for himself, he made it clear that he will proceed “rain or snow”. A clear message to all those who in recent days have flooded his office with requests to extend the deadline or even the activation time of the fines. That is, as happened with the new POS installation obligees for whom the fine of €1500 was postponed 1 month later, on April Fool’s Day, provided of course that they have ordered the POS in February.

The truth is, however, that due to the Greek temperament that loves “last minute”, mobility has increased significantly or else the market is starting to take things seriously as it often says the Deputy Minister of Finance Haris Theocharis. Of course, the announcement of the fines, which are very heavy, also played a part. €10,000-€20,000 for users obliged to interface with simple or double-copy books respectively and €200,000-€300,000 for providers who will not upgrade their software by the 29th of the month

In addition, Kostis Hatzidakis has set up a “special war committee” under his close associate, which with daily meetings tries to provide solutions to last-minute problems with the cooperation of Haris Theoharis and Giorgos Pitsilis.

In his context, I don’t leave things to chance, o SEC he will also meet with the banks today to “put them in the game” even though they are not directly involved. He is expected to ask their representatives for more speed in the issue of acquirers, payment service providers who are part of the process.

Of course, the Ministry of Finance expects that the banks will do their best in terms of charges, while initiatives to facilitate the process are also welcome, such as that of Piraeus Bank, which launched the provision of cash at the POS without the need for either an additional device or additional software.

By February 29, 400,000 cash registers and POS should be connected. “Cash” is expected to be done at the end of the week. What the “Fund” will show will depend on whether there will be an extension to the end of the term.