The first activity to support entrepreneurship, financed by the new NSRF of the Region of Central Macedonia, was presented in Polygyros by the regional governor Apostolos Tzitzikostas. Halkidiki is the fourth Regional Unit of Central Macedonia, where this action is presented. Mr. Tzitzikostas, speaking at an event at the Halkidiki Chamber, referred to the importance of the action for small and medium-sized businesses, as they will benefit more from the support provided. He called on the agencies, businesses and those citizens who want to establish a new business, to take advantage of this specific action, so that the total resources of 65 million euros, which the Region of Central Macedonia has available through the new NSRF for this specific action, can be absorbed immediately .

“These resources will not only be allocated to support businesses. There are more funds in the new NSRF and other similar actions will follow. However, it is very important that we all together begin to dynamically absorb European resources for businesses, because through their full utilization we will be able to support existing businesses, support our fellow citizens who intend to create a new business and above all create new jobs and new income throughout Central Macedonia. Development for everyone and everywhere” emphasized Mr. Tzitzikostas.

The subsidized budget for each investment project is from 60,000 euros to 400,000 euros, while the percentage of funding amounts to 45% of the total budget of each investment project. This means – he added – that the 65 million euros that we have available for entrepreneurship will mobilize even more private resources, so the impact of this specific action on the regional economy of Central Macedonia will be very large. Since small and medium-sized enterprises are the main driver of economic growth and a key pillar of economic activity in our region, the aim of the action is clearly to strengthen mainly these enterprises. Our goal is for 2024 to be the ‘Year of Entrepreneurship’ for the Region of Central Macedonia.

The administration of the Region of Central Macedonia has proven over the years that it knows how to turn European and national resources into a measurable project for all our fellow citizens and how to use every last euro for the benefit of the citizen and the country, for the development and progress. And this is what we will continue to do in the new NSRF”, the Regional Governor pointed out, among other things. This action supports businesses in the fields of innovation and digital technologies, environment, sustainable energy and circular economy, tourism and culture, audiovisual productions and film industry, transport and supply chain, agri-food, medicine and life sciences. The action will be implemented by EFEPAE and KEPA ANEM, in collaboration with the One Stop Liaison Office of the Region of Central Macedonia.

Funding applications are submitted exclusively electronically, through the Integrated State Aid Management Information System, and the evaluation will be done with absolutely objective and clear criteria, without any deviation from this rule.

“Our goal is to enable our local businesses to grow, become even more competitive, integrate innovation and new technologies, increase their turnover, create new jobs. Essentially, and with this action, we are strengthening our three pillars: our local businesses, human resources and the academic and research community”, said Mr. Tzitzikostas.