It is under examination by the Ministry of Development “Easter Basket” which according to his information SKY expected to be implemented by on Wednesday, April 24. According to the report of the journalist Antonis Kritikou, the basket will include the traditional meats for Easter, lamb, goat, buns as well as the chocolate eggs the price of which has increased due to the increase in the price of cocoa.

Furthermoreunder consideration is “The Godfather’s Basket”, with Easter games. According to information, the Ministry of Development is in discussion with the market in order to see if there is momentum in the market for the implementation of the measure.

Product packaging is shrinking, prices unchanged

At the same time, the prices on the shelf remain unchanged, however the packaging of the products is shrinking with the companies trying in this way to deceive the consumers who primarily look at the price on the labels and not the grams of the package. The reduction in quantity is observed in products such as cereal bars, buns, chocolate milks, wafers and chocolates.