Letícia Colin responds to criticism for ‘low score’ in Dança dos Famosos: ‘Game is game’


Letícia Colin received harsh criticism on social media for giving a 9.8 rating in Dança dos Famosos 2024 last Sunday (31). The actress participated in the Domingão show with Huck as a guest judge and decided to make the invitation worthwhile.

“A perfect performance from Group D. And she gives it 9.8. No clue,” commented an internet user on the actress’ social media. “Letícia went to Domingão today with the aim of putting Group D in the playoff,” wrote another.

The actress defended herself, explaining the criteria adopted for the evaluation of group D, formed by Lexa, Gabriela Prioli, Mathes Fernandes and Micael Borges. “I think there has to be criteria. To be 10, it has to be perfect, impeccable,” she said in a video published by Domingão.

Letícia acted differently than most of the famous guest judges (non-technical), who usually give presentations a 10 out of 10. “I know it’s controversial, but […] just because they are my colleagues or just because I admire them, because I love them, because I want to work together [vou] give 10 just for giving? I come here to be a judge, to enjoy, to look, to get excited and to give a rating”, she said.

The judge also said that she would talk to each of the participants to explain the score. “It’s difficult for me, I’m suffering, I’m going to apologize personally to everyone.” “But I will say, this is life, this is the truth and this is the competition, the game is the game,” she added.

Source: Folha

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