Staikouras at SKAI: This year households will pay 360 million euros less ENFIA


“This year, compared to last year, households will pay 360 million euros less ENFIAThe Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, stressed to SKAI and Giorgos Avtias. “The intention of the government is to extend the reduced ENFIA, until the end of 2022 from June 2022. But this means an additional 250 million burden in the second four months of the year,” he stressed.

The government also intends to abolish the solidarity contribution to all citizens (public and private sector) and to make the reduction of insurance contributions permanent for all citizens (€ 2.1 billion surcharge from 2023 onwards).

“After a few months, the state budget may need to immediately increase the subsidy for electricity and gas, so it is necessary prudent and careful policyHe further underlined.

For ENFIA, he stated “that 360 million euros, which the citizen has not seen yet, will see next month, are left in his wallet that he can use wherever he wants” stressed Mr. Staikouras.
I do not claim, the minister clarified, that this amount will cover the needs of the citizens or that the measures we have taken and are taking will cover all the costs for households and businesses. We are doing the best we can and we are looking for the best European solutions, because no state can face this crisis alone.

“Most citizens will pay significantly less ENFIA. With the new objective values ​​the wealth of the citizen increases, the value of the real estate increases, while the state takes less tax. “Even if they have an additional tax, most, if not all, will pay significantly less ENFIA,” he stressed.

Diesel oil: Discount 15 minutes per liter

Regarding the measure for diesel, Christos Staikouras stated that it is for a reduction of 15 minutes per liter , diesel concerns everyone, and is essentially a state subsidy to the source, which will be passed on safely, to the citizen, ie to the price that will be given. In addition there is the subsidy of 22 cents for 60 liters for the next 3 months.

“Soon, during the week, we will try to incorporate the interventions that we announced in an ENFIA bill that YPOIK has.”

“Abroad, some countries have reduced their VAT, others have given targeted subsidies. In the second the advantage is the budgetary cost. At the same time, we subsidize energy much more bravely than abroad and we reduce ENFIA permanently. We also want targeted measures to help those most in need. It was a choice with fiscal and social criteria “.

In this context, the Minister of Finance clarified that in diesel with reduction of EFK the assistance would be 8 minutes and not 15 minutes. “With our intervention, 86% of car owners are subsidized. “Both cars are subsidized in the same amount to a family, if the family income is up to 30,000”, noted the Minister of Finance.

Refundable: extension and 15% discount

At the same time, those who repay the one-time aid they have received through the Refundable Advance payment cycles, will receive an additional 15% discount. Mr. Staikouras noted that YPOIK seeks to give an additional time of two months, ie until the end of May, instead of the end of March that is valid today, to those who received aid through the Refundable Advances to repay the amount of aid they have received.

Regarding the students’ electricity allowance, he clarified that the measure has been retroactive since January.

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