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A walk on the beautiful island of Ithaca, will convince us of the reason why Homer chose it as the place that would be the place of origin and final destination of his hero, the ingenious Odysseus … So as long as a visitor wanders around the island , the more he is rewarded for his choice in the absolute mythical destination of Homer, and then, the only sure thing is that this special island penetrates his emotions, making him adore it just like the poet himself.

In its northeastern part, at a distance of 19 km from Vathi, there is a wonderful picturesque fishing village with few inhabitants, which is called Frikes and is, according to researchers, the Homeric port of Reithros. This is the port where the Goddess Athena, wanting to solve the sufferings of Odysseus, and taking the form of Mentis’s dear friend, king of the Burial Islands, anchors her ship, to reach the palace and advise Telemachus on what he had to do.

… νηῦς δέ μοι ἥδ ‘ἕστηκεν ἐπ’ ἀγροῦ νόσφι πόληος,
ἐν λιμένι Ῥείθρῳ, ὑπὸ Νηΐῳ ὑλήεντι. (Od. A, 186-187)
With simple translation …
I have anchored my ship outside the city,
in the port of the kennel, down in the forest-covered nion (plane-covered port) …

This wonderful port of Frika was created by the inhabitants of the surrounding mountainous areas during the 16th century, in their effort to utilize the naturalness of the port for the needs of fishing, as well as for their trade with the mainland. The Horrors are also connected with the recent history of the island, where at the end of World War II, on September 13, 1944, local guerrillas, after an unequal battle, captured the German warship “Antoinette” which was anchored in the small port and captured its crew.

Nowadays, it is an important tourist destination during the summer months, as it has small hotel units, berths and yacht service, good food, mainly fresh fish, and nice small cafes by the sea, ideal for all hours of the day. but also at night. In fact, it is considered the ultimate starting point for short sea getaways in the north of the island, in the endless wild beaches with clear blue waters, white pebbles and steep vertical rocks that take your breath away.

The main attraction of the village are the two well-preserved windmills on both sides of the port, literally buried in the green. There are many who liken them to a castle, especially those cool summer nights when walking on the waterfront they see bright lights marking the borders of this beautiful village.

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