Felipe Neto defends Paola Carosella from Bolsonaristas: ‘Colossally dumb’


Felipe Neto, 34, got into yet another controversy against supporters of Jair Bolsonaro (PL). It all started after Paola Carosella, 49, was attacked after a statement by the famous chef went viral. In an interview recently, she pointed out two reasons that would hinder relations with those who support the current president of Brazil: “Because he’s an asshole, or because he’s stupid.” Paola also guaranteed that no one in her family is a supporter of Bolsonaro.

The youtuber then used social media to defend the former presenter of MasterChef Brasil da Band. “Paola Carosella is absolutely right. Every Bolsonarista is either an asshole or an asshole. Her only mistake was because I would put a ‘colosally’ before each adjective. , wrote on Twitter.

“Dying with laughter with bolsonaristas thinking they are going to cancel one of the best chefs in the world. Only 36% of the country approves this genocidal militia ally. You don’t cancel anyone else. Felipe Neto.

The excerpt from the interview with the Diacast podcast went viral this weekend and many supporters of the current president began to criticize the chef. The words “scrotum” and “Argentina” were among the most commented topics on Twitter this Monday (23).

Some internet users even said that Carosella, born in Argentina and naturalized Brazilian, should return to her country of origin and suggested a boycott of Arturito, the chef’s restaurant, in São Paulo.

Two weeks ago, Felipe Neto denounced through social networks some threats that his mother, Rosa, has received via WhatsApp. In a message he shared a screenshot of, one person says he intends to destroy her life at all costs. He also curses her and says that not even “your children will get you out of this”.

Neto stated that it was not the first time that something of this nature had happened. “Once again they sent heavy threats to my mother. We are already taking action. We found out where it came from, and my mother is going to the police station”, he wrote, reinforcing that it has been three years of threats. “Let’s go all the way this time. No more living in fear. Let’s win.”

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