Opinion – Cozinha Bruta: Santa do pau oco wants to ban chocolate dick


As if Brazil had no real problems to solve, a councilor from Londrina (PR) proposed a bill that prohibits, in her city, the sale of “food products in the form of sexual organs”.

The “jenial” proposal came from the parliamentarian who goes by the nickname of Jessicão, from the PP. The councilor, an enthusiast of President Jair Bolsonaro and his reactionary ideas, is a declared lesbian and almost always appears in public wearing a military vest.

Jessicão says he will not ban manioc, turnips, sausages, mussels or halved figs. His targets are the networks of crepes in the form of genitalia, which emerged in Europe and have spread throughout Brazil, such as Assanhadxs, from São Paulo.

These stores bake dough, savory or sweet, in molds that mimic a penis or vulva. They are called crepiroca and creprexeca, among other silly names. Delicacies sold at sky-high prices – a BRL 35 crepenis is damn expensive – for people who want to make fun of Instagram. There’s an audience for everything.

I think it’s endless nonsense, but banning the sale of such items is absolutely surreal. And Dona Jessicão works for the preventive ban on crepepeca. There aren’t any stores like it in Londrina yet. Only in neighboring Maringá.

Jessicao is a caricatured figure who wants to make a career out of exploring the controversial image of a far-right lesbian. She poses as a defender of “good manners”, like all the saints of the hollow wood who exploit the ignorant population with this moralistic discourse of a police program.

The councilor says she works to prevent the early sexualization of children and adolescents. Now watch the interview below, or at least the beginning of it. To sabotage initiatives in favor of the LGTBQI+ population, Jessicão declares himself to be “a big dyke since he was 12 years old”. Wasn’t she sexualized, at that time, the noble parliamentarian?

Jessicão’s proposal needs to be examined by a commission and by the plenary of the City Council and, if the councilor of Londrina has any common sense, it will be buried. Until then, there is a chance that someone will set up an erotic crepes business in the city to save Londoners from driving 100 km to Maringá when they want a chocolate-flavored dick.

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