Marcuas Buaiz speaks about the separation of Wanessa Camargo: ‘Consensual’


The separation of Wanessa Camargo, 39, and Marcus Buaiz, ​​42, is still controversial and the businessman decided to speak out after several rumors involving the end of the marriage and, especially, related to his current state of health. The ex-son-in-law of Zezé di Camargo and Zilu Godoi denied that he is depressed and that even the supposed illness is affecting his business.

“I’m not depressed, my physical and mental health is in perfect condition, thank God. I’m celebrating another advance in my professional career and with a lot of responsibility. I just have to thank those who entrusted me with this new position”, began Buaiz, ​​who has just assumed the presidency of Spark, the largest group specialized in influencer marketing in Brazil.

Buaiz also decided to issue a statement, through his press office, to deny some fake news that began to circulate this Monday (23) with his name as having hired a detective to watch Wanessa, when they were still married.

“Marcus Buaiz’s press office clarifies that the businessman does not have health problems and denies the information that this would be harming his work”, begins the statement. We also clarify that there was never any hiring of detectives by Buaiz and that their separation was consensual and respectful. Any information other than these is untrue”, says the statement sent to the Extra newspaper.

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