How a “light” meal can hide traps you can not imagine


Keeping reasonable portion sizes is an important way to control your weight. You knew this.

What may not be on your mind often enough is that It is very easy to be fooled and think that it does not matter to eat a few bites more than your “light” meal.

The data
In a recently published study, scientists gave 37 people identical portions of pasta salad in two different versions. In the first, the meal was marked “light”, while in the second marked “satisfactory”. What was observed was that people who ate the “light” meal ate a little more (and stated that they felt less full) than people who ate the “hearty” meal.

According to the researchers, these findings suggest that expectations about how full one will feel after eating may affect actual food intake. Therefore, when we want to lose weight or even not eat muchwe should be careful with foods that are labeled “light”.

Other pitfalls of a “light” meal
1. Artificial sweeteners

Yes, artificial sweeteners are another trap that can lead to weight gain. If you are on a weight loss plan or want to pay attention to your diet, then choose unprocessed and purer foods, such as honey or dried fruit instead of diet bars where artificial sweeteners have been added.

2. 0% fat
It is something that generally concerns more dairy products and their derivatives. And while 0% sounds like a promising title, the truth is that while fats are being removed to reduce calories, more sugar is added to improve the taste.

3. Added dressing
Even in their light version, sauces added to salads, sandwiches or ready meals are hidden sources of sugar. So it’s good to have in the back of your mind that even the salad you bought to eat something “light” may not be as light as it promises.

4. The temptation of light
Or else what shines (say “what is called light”) is not gold (say “it is not light”).

Basic rule: if you would not eat it anyway, do not choose it just because it says “light” or “light”. In some cases, reducing the total fat you consume during the day by choosing low-fat cream instead of whole, is a smart tactic. However, if you do not cook with sour cream and prefer oil, then do not get into the process of buying a product simply because it has the inscription light.

Healthy does not mean calorie free
We all agree that salads, vegetables, chicken, avocado, olive oil, etc. are excellent foods whether you are on a diet or not. However, as in the case of all foods without exception, whether they are established in our consciousness as healthy or not, the amount in which we consume them ultimately determines the calories we will receive. In conclusion, no matter how beneficial a food is for your health, this does not mean that you can consume plenty.

At the same time, there can be a big difference between the nutritional value of homemade guac and that of the buyer. The same goes for the caloric load. So yes the salad is healthy but on the one hand the nutritional value and the calories of the salad that you made with your own hands and on the other the one that you bought from outside. A typical example is Caesar salad, which even if it… salad, is not the best meal alternative for someone seeking to lose weight.

Where is the balance
In summary, in addition to the possibility of not satisfying your biological hunger, there are two main pitfalls that a “light” meal can hide: not realizing that you ate and not realizing what you ate.

Maybe it’s finally better, when it comes time for lunch, to eat a regular meal that will convince you that you ate food, than a “light” meal, that you may forget that it was mediated.

Of course it is important that each of your meals is prepared at home, with the purest and simplest ingredients. So do not be fooled by advertising tricks (“light” is one of them) that are more orienting than serving. And of course do not resort to solutions that you would not choose under normal circumstances simply because they bear the inscription light.

And in general, before you trust any fad, remember that the best thing to do is to do it traditionally, to listen to your body and your intuition. And bon appétit!

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