Ex-BBB Larissa Tomásia tattoos ‘fake news’ on her arm due to reality meme

Ex-BBB Larissa Tomásia tattoos ‘fake news’ on her arm due to reality meme

Former BBB Larissa Tomásia, 25, showed her followers that she got an unusual tattoo to remember one of her moments at Big Brother Brasil 22 (Globo). The influencer tattooed “fake news” on her arm.

Tomásia entered the reality with the game already in progress, alongside Gustavo Marsengo. The two were confined in the Glass House and had to wait for the public to decide whether or not to enter the program. With her entry, the influencer spread some lies about the outside world to the confined.

When she explained her strategy after being eliminated, the phrase “a lot of fake news and true too” became a meme on social media. Despite this, her game was not so accepted by the public and she stayed for a short time in the house, being eliminated three weeks after her entry.

In addition, the influencer also went viral on social media with a video dancing to the song “Socadona” by singer Ludmilla, 27, in the courtyard of the school where she studied when she was younger, in Limoeiro, Pernambuco.

“Lately I’ve been receiving so many invitations to visit so many schools in several states of Brazil, that to be very honest with you, I’m really wanting to visit”, wrote the former BBB on her Twitter profile. In another tweet, she even joked: “She left colleges too”.

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