Market Intelligence: Linn da Quebrada will be a diversity and inclusion consultant at Ambev

Market Intelligence: Linn da Quebrada will be a diversity and inclusion consultant at Ambev

Linn da Quebrada was announced this Friday (10th) as Ambev’s new diversity and inclusion consultant. According to the company, she will work on internal and external projects aimed at LGBTQIA+ people, especially trans and transvestites.

Among the activities, the transvestite actress, singer and songwriter will have meetings with the company’s approximately 130 trans employees — out of a universe of almost 30,000 employees — to identify the main problems, experiences and achievements of these professionals.

Lina, as she became known nationally by participating in Big Brother Brasil 22, will also discuss representativeness practices with other Ambev partners and professionals.

“This is a gift, but also a great responsibility to think about actions that actually allow us to be alive and active in our present moment. This changes not the future, but the here and now, the present”, says Linn da Quebrada to Market intelligence.

According to the company, the proposal is for it to be fully open to the construction of paths and initiatives that lead to a more inclusive action for the trans and transvestite community in society.

“I am very happy, very honored and I want to be able to occupy this position within the company in the best possible way and be able to show not only our scars but how excellent we are as professionals. we can show much more and be much more”, says the artist.

At BBB, she, who has “ELA” tattooed on her forehead, had to explain a few times why she shouldn’t be treated with the male pronoun, as happened a few times within the Globo program.

“I got this tattoo because of my mother. At the beginning of my transition, my mother still made mistakes and treated me with the male pronoun. I said: ‘I’m going to tattoo my forehead’. That’s why I was in doubt, read it and then you remember that I want to be treated with a female pronoun”, said Linn da Quebrada at the request of presenter Tadeu Schmidt.

The artist will also be one of the ambassadors for Lager, an affinity group that discusses and implements actions aimed at the LGBTQIAP+ public at the company.

“We believe in the power of unity and dialogue to transform the lives and reality of trans or LGBTQIAP+ people and it is a source of great pride to have a black and trans woman with as much representation as Lina acting as a counselor in our D&I area”, highlights Ambev in a note about Lina’s importance.

The company also emphasizes the fundamental role of cis people in the change process. “We will only be able to build a future in which all people have more reasons to toast if change starts in each of us.”

Since 2016, Ambev has presented some actions in relation to diversity. One of them is a support for the civil rectification of the names of all trans/transvestite collaborators who wish, a project entitled “Call me by my name (and pronoun too!)”.

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