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Syros: The aristocrat of the Aegean


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Syros stands out for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, stunning architecture and magnificent coastline. See it from above.

THE Syros is one of the most impressive islands of the Cyclades, with a rich history and unique attractions. It stands out for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, stunning architecture and beautiful beaches. This is a real jewel of the Aegean!

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The Vaporia district of Syros is probably the most beautiful on the island. It is located north of the port, in the eastern part of Ermoupolis.

It is built by the sea, with magnificent captain’s houses that seem to hang on the rocks. Wealthy refugees from Chios, Psara, Kasos and Crete, coming to Syros after the destruction of their homelands during the Revolution, built their mansions in such a way over the sea, that they look like ships, a fact that caused the name Vaporia Syros.

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The houses in Vaporia Syros had high ceilings, decorated with murals, marble balconies, wooden floors and wood-carved doors. It was the aristocratic district of the city of the 19th century.

Here lived the richest people of Ermoupolis, the steamers and the industrialists.

Between the rocky shores of the Vaporia Syros district, small beaches are formed that are suitable for swimming, such as Asteria beach. The houses of the area belong to three generations and their history records these social reorganizations. From the first generation until about 1840, few survived.

In the aristocratic district of Vaporia Syros dominates the imposing church of Agios Nikolaos the Rich, as it is commonly called, with the towering bell towers.

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