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6 tips to not sweat so often


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Learn how not to be constantly sweaty.

To we sweat constantly during the summer It is very annoying, but in fact sweat is good for the body. THE sweat helps eliminate toxins, cleanses the pores of the skin and helps reduce dark spots or acne. Sweat also helps to balances body temperature us when you are exposed to the sun, thus preventing the risk of heat stroke.

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In addition to surgical ways in which you can get rid of a lot of sweat, eg botox injections or surgery on sweat glands, etc., take a look at the following tips to reduce sweat as much as you can. Of course not sweating at all is not natural but neither is health for the above reasons I mentioned earlier.

1. Wear airy clothes

Airy clothes that do not stick to your skin will give you coolness and comfort to the maximum. Invest in lightweight, white and pastel shades, and avoid synthetic fabrics at all costs.

2. Pay attention to diet

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Control the consumption of a lot of sugar and caffeine, because these can cause the body to produce more sweat.

3. Water is life

Drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water will certainly cause you to sweat a lot, but this will be odorless in most cases, and hydration is very important in the summer.

4. Relax

Reduce stress, because we all know that this and stress causes disorders in our body… and therefore sweat.

5. Cleanliness and hygiene

Take a bath every day, not just once a day, but as many times as needed and you feel that you urgently need a refresher. So keep the number of bacteria in your skin at normal levels.

6. Night routine

Use unscented deodorant before bed.

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